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Free IUD


Graffiti artist OSIRUS working on a mural on the outside of Graffiti Warehouse to promote free IUDs and birth control coverage among young women in Baltimore.

Rosenfeld Org and LARC Foundation started  Rosenfeld Org and Graffiti Warehouse are using art to raise awareness about free birth control options and educate people about the benefits of LARCS (long acting reversible contraceptives).  Street art, graffiti, and Graffiti Warehouse are all very hip and trendy with young people in Baltimore and throughout the country.  Graffiti Warehouse is using it’s appeal with young people to create vibrant, colorful campaigns that promote free IUDs and help prevent unintended pregnancies.

Rosenfeld Org is extending it’s mission to Detroit.  It acquired a property in the artsy neighborhood of Hamtramck where it will promote art and birth control.


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