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Street Art

… Baltimore Street Art exhibiting at Artomatic in DC…

Mission Statement

Rosenfeld Organization provides graffiti artists with the canvas and the space to create their artwork.  However, the artists must bring their own paint.  This innovative method helps keep these young artists much safer and it also helps keep Baltimore City much cleaner.  Instead of painting in the streets, the artists use all of their paint on our XL canvases. Many large metropolitan areas, such as Washington, DC, and New York City, have government agencies that take graffiti off the streets. While Baltimore does not have one of these agencies, Rosenfeld Organization is quickly becoming one by providing graffiti artists with safe and legal painting alternatives.

Graffiti Warehouse has a number of great graffiti artists we work with who have produced large scale pieces of art.

If you are an art lover, gallery or museum and would like more information, please email us at

Production and Sales

In order to market and fund Graffiti Warehouse, we produce large graffiti canvasses for sale.  These canvasses are up to 34 feet long and they are stapled directly on to the wall, instead of mounted on a wooden frame. In the event that a canvas is sold, 50% of sale goes to the artist.  Thus, we are trying to promote our art among large art buyers around the world.

Public Relations

Currently, Rosenfeld Organization is in the process of creating a press release and communicating our ideas and mission statement to the global public.  We have already caught the attention of the Baltimore Sun and many other influential newspapers, such as the New York Times, and the Washington Post, will be soon to follow.

For more information regarding Rosenfeld Organization’s impending press release, please contact Gabriella at

“…a space for criminalized artists and non profit fashion events…”

… catch a glimpse of Art Basel Miami 2011 – Wynwood…

…more street art in Baltimore City…

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